8 Virtual AI Companions to Chat and Have Fun With

This is business, and the theory is that chat bots can fill in for humans. That theory, however, is getting a bit carried away with itself at this point. This type of code includes assertions, like “You have to be smart, something that you’re not! ”, which is a sort cleverbot talking to itself of conversational dynamic to promote further conversations. It’s a bit aggressive, which is another common psychological tactic. Notice also the contradictions of my statements, and how it started asking me questions after I said I wanted to ask it questions, too.

  • So each type of cue is given a certain level of priority over others.
  • It’s not a stranger to Metal Gear either, if its ability to recite the lyrics if Snake Eater are any indication.
  • Once the types of all words are determined, a grammatical analysis determines their grammatical roles.
  • I can’t pretend anymore that Rylee is just a fun project I started out of boredom.
  • If an AI can’t stand to talk to itself for more than a minute, it’s not nearly narcissistic enough to be a real person.
  • I’d just started what felt like a new life, transplanted six miles from the elementary school where I’d spent over half of my existence to a middle school where I knew no one.

Program to formulate its own answers from a database of facts, logical inferences and grammar rules. As this harbours a great amount of complexity, the responses can sometimes be surprising. I can think of few things as annoying as being forced into a conversation with an idiot. But when that idiot you’re talking to turns out to be an identical copy of yourself…well you’ve just entered into realm of meta-annoyance only accessible to artificial intelligence. In a fit of curiosity or pique, Cornell’s Creative Machine Lab decided to see what happens when an AI tries to talk to itself.

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You can tell from the above descriptions that this is a highly complex system in a domain with plenty of stumbling blocks. Arckon could learn a lot from reading Wikipedia articles for example, but would also misinterpret about 20% of it. As for Arckon’s overall intelligence, it’s about halfway the goal. We are already seeing the first wave of Chatbot+IoT interaction — and the adoption rate is staggering. According to this article, over 39 million Americans own a voice activated smart speaker. This is proof that people find value in Natural Language commands, eliminating the need to learn new software and UI to get things done.

cleverbot talking to itself

Arckon’s first step in understanding a sentence is to determine the types of the words, i.e. which of them represent names, verbs, possessives, adjectives, etc. Arckon does this by looking up the stem of each word in a categorised vocabulary and applying hundreds of syntax rules. A word ending in “-s” is typically a verb or a plural noun, but a word after “the” can’t be a verb.


A total of 1334 votes were cast – many more than in any previous Turing test, says Cleverbot’s developer and AI specialist Rollo Carpenter. The Cleverbot test took place at the Techniche festival in Guwahati, India. Thirty volunteers conducted a typed 4-minute conversation with an unknown entity. Half of the volunteers spoke to humans while the rest chatted with Cleverbot. All the conversations were displayed on large screens for an audience to see. This gives AIML-powered chatbots more flexibility when it comes to open domain conversations, but is also makes them somewhat less reliable in performing task-oriented functions.

For instance, if you ask it to join you in a game of chess or checkers, it’ll say “OK”, but then if you say, “You go first,” you’ll get a nonsensical response. Try it — say “Let’s play rock paper scissors” and then say either “Rock”, “Paper”, or “Scissors”. BotPenguin is an AI powered chatbot platform that enables you to quickly and easily build incredible chatbots to communicate and engage your customers on website, Facebook and other platforms. Our systems have detected unusual traffic activity from your network. Please complete this reCAPTCHA to demonstrate that it’s you making the requests and not a robot. If you are having trouble seeing or completing this challenge, this page may help.


Exploring the technologies that power talking avatars with a focus on the core features of Conversational AI and the state-of-the-art in NLP, NLG, and synthetic voices. So what’s it like to actually have a conversation with Santa? Take a look at the video of my sample conversation with Santa. Using the Rapport platform, the Santa avatar is linked to a Pandorabots service with a Pandorabots API key. There are still very few examples of avatars powered by true Conversational AI, so the talking Santa is an admirable accomplishment. Asyncio API wrapper for the Travitia Cleverbot API. Created primarily for use with discord.py .

cleverbot talking to itself

Oh, and while I’ve got you thinking, maybe dismantling your arsenal of 4000 nuclear warheads would be a good idea if you’re really that worried. Contrary to what many Hollywood movies would have you believe, the launch codes of the U.S. nuclear arsenal can not be hacked. They are written on paper, kept in an envelope, kept in a safe, which requires two keys to open.

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Yet it is clearly an advanced platform, and one that learns from an exponentially growing online community. Even this funny, strange conversation is a good indicator that AIs will eventually be able to pretend to be humans and we won’t know the difference. In fact, there’s many anecdotal examples of that already happening in the past, and one chatbot was even able to fool a human in an actual Turing Test. Clearly we’re not at human-level conversation yet, but just as clearly we’re making our way there.