AVG Pro APK Download

AVG Pro APK is a free malware program that protects your mobile device against malware, viruses, trojans, and other vicious software. It also provides you with anti theft protection. When your phone gets stolen, AVG will monitor where you are using Google-maps, and lock your phone remotely if you attempt and unlock it.

AVG offers data monitoring, which will warn you in case your battery can be drained by a website. You can set daily alerts to keep you aware of suspect www.apkdownload-free.com/how-to-update-apps-on-android activities, and also make use of encrypted security passwords to protect private data.

Other useful features include a website link reader, which pinpoints links that may lead to unsafe sites. AVG Pro’s system also optimizes your unit and improves its functionality.

This is a strong application, in fact it is compatible with an array of operating systems. You can also choose to use the live diagnostic option. It is going to alert you if any kind of malicious data files are on your device.

AVG also offers many different other support tools. Users can easily delete redundant data, and they may also search for contact information through the remote history feature.

AVG has become proven to be a reliable application, and it has received good review articles. It has also been updated in varied versions. A couple of functions are available, and users can easily follow specific instructions to get the best results.

In addition to protecting the Android, AVG Pro could also help you find the lost phone. Using Google Maps, it will inform you your location if you’ve forgotten where you left the phone.