Essentials for Building Your Home

The event themed “Essentials for Building Your Home” is the first event of a series of such events and is organized with the intention of making the Young Professionals aware of basic concerns in the process of building their own house. Provided the fact that the Young Professional community consists of young individuals employed in different technical fields who are striving to achieve success in their professional lives, at the same time planning and laying the foundation of their personal lives, we believe that the event was an ideal initiative to help the young individuals in the process of fulfilling the need of an own house, which definitely is a great milestone of one’s personal life.

Two experienced professionals from the fields of Legal authority related to lands and Architecture were invited for the event to take the participants through important areas in the house building process: from the selecting a land to designing and building a house. We believe that the event delivered a valuable platform for the interested young individuals to earn an idea about the most important areas in house building process, clarify their issues related to the topic with the help of the resource persons and had a clear understanding about the path to follow when entering the challenging task of building their own house.