First ever IEEE Student / GOLD / WIE Congress in Sri Lanka

Lectures, practicals, assignments, examinations and many more academic activities are there to be taken care of by a full time engineering undergraduate in the University of Moratuwa. But the value of an

undergraduate should not solely depend on academic activities in a context where personnel development and innovation are key areas of interest in the industry. The leadership skills he or she possesses, team work, sound inter-personnel relationships and many more have to be gained to pave way to a successful career. IEEE University of Moratuwa Student Branch comprises of

such a group of undergraduates with dynamic capabilities.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is an international movement, which is driven under the motto “Advancing technology for humanity”. IEEE UoM Student Branch is guided by the Branch Councelor, Prof. Sisil Kumarawadu, and the Student Advisor, Dr.Rohan Munasinghe. We organize a

wide range of activities beneficial to both the university as well as outsiders. We also offer our

helping hand to organize events conducted by the university. One such event was partnering the

Engineering Research Unit Symposium, the official symposium organized by the Engineering Research Unit and the faculty of engineering, which commenced on 22nd December 2011.

The first ever IEEE Student/ GOLD/WIE congress in Sri Lanka was held on 6th January 2012, at the University of Moratuwa. This was a golden opportunity to form a network among student branches in Sri

Lanka while exploring the international giants’ experience on IEEE and its operations. Apart from that,

enhancing professionalism, leadership skills and team spirit of students, drawing attention of members

towards WIE (Women In Engineering) and GOLD (Graduated On Last Decade) affinity groups and giving local students the access to the international arena were also among our major


Number of guests representing R10 (Asia- Pacific region)graced the occasion with their presence. Among them, were Dr.Takako Hashimoto – WIE

Coordinator of R10, Mr. Aby Kurian – Student Representative of R10 for 2012, Mr. Rayees Nishad –

South Asia GOLD Coordinator and Dr. Zia Ahamed – Editor, the IEEE Region 10 Newsletter. All of

them shared their thoughts and experience regarding IEEE activities.

Dr. Takako congratulated the WIE affinity group of the University of Moratuwa, which is the first WIE group in Sri Lanka. She pointed out the importance of WIE in enhancing the quality of females involved in engineering professions and the ability to use WIE to solve specific problems related to women in Engineering. Depending on the facts discussed in the group discussion, a new project will be launched to encourage female students in schools through increased awareness.

Mr. Rayees Nishad presented a comprehensive introduction to IEEE GOLD which was followed by a

group discussion. Dr. Zia Ahamed emphasized on the importance of having an active mentoring program,

and also mentioned the enthusiasm of the senior members in helping out the freshers. Mr. Om Prakash introduced the STEP program for GOLD society and its importance to a newly founded club.

Mr. Arjun R Pillai conducted the GINI (Global Integrated Network for IEEE) introduction and discussion,

which was very beneficial to all student branches present. GINI concept was well explained and representatives from all student branches in Sri Lanka agreed to use it as the model to form a network among student branches in Sri Lanka.

Members from all active SBs in Sri Lanka were present at the SLSGWC 2012. It was on the spot light of the year’s events and hosting the first ever SGW congress in Sri Lanka was a memorable moment for our SB.

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