IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka by Anjali Rodrigo

To a newcomer, the IEEE can feel like an almost endlessly large organization with many, many moving parts, a majority constantly active amidst organizing events and setting standards. There is, foremost, the global aspect; with over 160 countries participating in what is the world’s largest association of technical professionals. But looking closer at home, our little island itself hosts an undeniably large number of the aforementioned moving parts. A well-oiled machine in its own right with the Student Branches, Chapters and Affinity Groups all working under the big umbrella of the IEEE Sri Lanka Section.

So where, one might ask, does IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka fit into this huge web? And what really sets it apart from the rest, both within the organization itself and amongst other similar groups in the engineering sphere. I’m here to do that research for you.

In October 2011, IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka was formed under the IEEE Sri Lanka Section as a group of volunteers fresh out of University having just completed their basic degree. This group focuses on learning new technical and social skills, networking with fellow youth in the field both locally and globally, and elevating their professional image, all while giving back to their community. It’s a diverse group of individuals united under their motto, “Advancing Technology For Humanity”. 

And that they do. Besides organizing their annual and one-off events, IEEE YP Sri Lanka has a number of long-term initiatives they have set themselves to work towards. This includes the StudPro Career Fair, AI-Driven Sri Lanka and LETs talk. All aimed at improving our understanding of the likes of field-related options, global issues and the newest technology.

What do you expect from IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka? 

As a first-year, I wouldn’t claim to be as far-sighted as someone on the verge of completing their degree, but I do recognise the importance of soft skills in a field where it is often forgotten in favour of technical ones. Considering the role PR plays, and my own general lack of it, I’d hope that joining the IEEE Young Professionals would aid in changing that unfortunate lack. It would also be a great way to meet people following the same type of career path. 

Another point to note is that this is, in addition, a great type of environment for a person who has committed to being a continuous learner, with new experiences and people constantly enriching your own view of the world.

I hope that (if you didn’t before) you now know who IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka are, what they do and what you can gain from it. I congratulate IEEE YP Sri Lanka on their 10th anniversary and wish them many more great years ahead.

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