IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka by Chamilka Sanduni


The IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka, which began in October 2011, is an important part of the IEEE Sri Lanka Section. IEEE Young Professionals are IEEE members and volunteers who have earned their first professional degree within the last 15 years. It’s a global community of individuals who want to boost their professional image, expand their global network, engage with local peers, and give back to their community. As it covers everyone from recent university graduates to seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs, the group is very diverse in what it has to offer. It is a main expert association for youthful experts and enterprises in Sri Lanka. This aim to expanding the industrial individuals’ inclusion in the association and improving the acknowledgment for the association among the ventures to draw in and advantage new alumni.

Anticipations as an undergraduate 

As a university student, I expect from an IEEE young Professionals Sri Lanka, Increase the involvement of industry representatives in the organization and raise the organization’s awareness of industries to attract and enjoy benefit from fresh graduates. We also expect that a platform will be created for students who are members of IEEE to showcase their talents to industries as well as encourage member students to apply for IEEE membership as young professionals. Further thing like what is happening in the job market and how to face the changing job market, what we keep up with the changes? Apart from these we wish to identify the career paths and opportunities that we have. So we expect advance knowledge about those areas. So, the growing wide variety of passionate set of volunteers allows the section try in the direction of more heights year with the aid of using year.

Accomplish as a member…..

If I have to chance as a member of the IEEE Young Professional Sri Lanka I wish to introduce events for undergraduate or graduate job seekers and potential employers to enhance their soft skills and provide platform to show their talents. Empowering young people is not an option, it is our responsibility and our privilege to guide them towards their highest goals and dreams of securing a good future. So, conduct a few session for the clean graduates and for very last year undergraduates to attain out to reputed groups hooked up in Sri Lanka below one roof. Acquaint them with new technologies, new industries, new trends, give them the opportunity to feel what is beyond them. We believe this experience cannot be learned. So its aim is to introduce technical innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity and achieve technical professionalism and to be the platform of the worldwide technical network for the aspiring tech experts of tomorrow.