IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka by Jayana Gunaweera

Introduction of IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka

Throughout our history, with the beginning of the civilizations, people have always turned to their elders for direction and guidance. This has been particularly true when people have entered into a period of significant change and adjustment. “IEEE young professionals Sri Lanka” has risen above the limits as the major guide for Sri Lankan young professionals and has nailed this responsibility being the leading professional organization for young professionals and industries in Sri Lanka in this context. It is an international community, whose members are interested in elevating their professional image, expanding their global network, connecting with peers locally, and giving back to their community. By being an integral part of the IEEE Sri Lanka section, they have accomplished their mission in Increasing the industry members’ involvement in the organization and enhancing the recognition for the organization among the industries to attract and benefit fresh graduates, for 10 years.

What I expect from an IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka

 Without the proper guidance and advice of elders, one may land into all types of troubles and misfortunes. Professionals who are working in the industry have knowledge and wisdom that can be helpful and indeed is necessary, in developing the youth of the modern world. Youngsters need more experienced individuals as their role models in order to shape up their future career paths. Collaborating with mentors with more experience in the industry, obtaining help from them, spending time with them, and obtaining knowledge from them will be valuable when they are applying for internships or job opportunities.My point is that bits of advice from a professional can help us plan ahead to make sure the study scope we have chosen enables us to pursue a career we want. When choosing a course to study, finding out what the job market looks like when we graduate. Therefore as a young professional, I request webinar series on trending topics in the present days such as Cloud Infrastructure, Internet Technology, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Open CV, etc. from industry professionals together with their valuable guidance.

What I hope to accomplish if I join the IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka

If I could join the IEEE young professionals Sri Lanka, while volunteering for events I will be able to gain skills to pursue a career in Industry, experience in resume building, interview training, learn strategies for internship/job search, learn freelancing opportunities, plan my education after graduation and knowledge to make a good publication and bunch of valuable experiences I have never dreamt of. Pursuing my peers in order to join IEEE Sri Lanka, aiding them to build themselves, giving a hand to expand their connections in the industry, and assisting them to outcome the society as skillful individuals for the betterment of mother Sri Lanka will be accomplished by myself. Finally, my contribution for Young Professionals will be a patronization in order to make the motto of the society a reality, Advancing Technology for Humanity. 

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