IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka by Minoli Ford

Introduction to IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka

IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka is a group of volunteers from the Engineering and the Technology fields building professional background, expanding the global network, creating connections with peers locally and working as one for the success of the community starting from 2011 to the present as well as in the future. During the ten years of journey the IEEE Young Professionals, Sri Lanka has organized many projects, workshops and programmes with enhancing the professional background, the leadership of the youngsters, community working towards protecting nature and a lot more where the benefits cannot be expressed through words.

What do you expect from an IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka?

I except young professionalism from an IEEE young professionals Sri Lanka mainly as it this is IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka is a great organization where they build up the professional background of the youngsters who have already selected their career in  Engineering and Technology fields. 

Leadership which is the process of achieving a goal with the effort of the team, social influence, surpassing all the barriers that come across when moving towards success and so on, is another good quality that I expect from an IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka. Commitment is an essential quality that a person should consist within his or herself in order to make their life and career success, so I expect commitment from an IEEE Young Professionals, Sri Lanka, as it can do great work to the society, to the future and is a great factor that is needed when becoming a young professional. Working as a team is one of the hardest activity but once you cooperate with it you will always see it as the easiest activity and this is one thing that I accept from an IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka. Lastly, the thing that I expect is Passion. If a person has passion, he or she can do anything that is even impossible.

According to my point of view, I think having the knowledge and skills based on the field that you are involved in is not sufficient to become a young professional. Because a Professional should have good qualities as I have mentioned above within them to become a really young professional. So I think all the existing IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka consist of the things that I accept from an  IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka. 

What do you hope to accomplish if you join the “IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka”?

I hope to be dedicated to the IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka as this is an organization that helps to build young professionalism among the members and the society by organizing different types of programs like “UPSKILL SRI LANKA 2021”. Furthermore, I will support this organization to achieve its goals by building up my young professionalism.