IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka by W.A.D. Fernando


IEEE Young Professional Sri Lanka is the group of graduated from their first professional degree within the last 15 years who are IEEE members and volunteers.It is a vibrant community of engineers, scientists and technical experts with member representation across the globe and throughout IEEE societies.


Be the leading professional organization for young professionals and industries in Sri Lanka.


Increasing the industry members’ involvement in the organization and enhancing the recognition for the organization among the industries to attract and benefit fresh graduates.

Expect from an IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka:

Opportunities, Training and development

Top reasons employee leaving the job includes dissatisfaction with pay, lack of advancement opportunities and lack of training and development. Young professionals are looking for growth and challenge, they are looking for opportunities that align with their values or lifestyle expectations, and they are looking for professional development.


There are over 150,000 students and professors from over 150 countries that keep IEEE young and active in creating the future technology. IEEE Young Professionals continue the relationship of those, access global professional networks.

Hope to accomplish if I join the “IEEE Young Professionals”:

  • Increase membership for young professionals and IEEE members by developing and implementing new projects.
  • Organizing a program to increase volunteers and motivating to make IEEE a better place for young professionals.
  • Give awards for the achievements gain through IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka
  • Organizing adventures to improve volunteering experience of YP volunteers