IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka by Wathsala Divyanjalee

The youth is the pillar for a great future. This implies that the Youth plays a major role as a pillar in establishing the great future, building. In building this pillar strongly the cement and other raw materials used can be compared to the opportunities and advantages we gain through the IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka. 

As a member of the Sri Lankan Youth, I expect a platform where all the young professionals can develop their skills and showcase their talents without any favouritism or any other effects. In simple words, a platform to build core skills of Youth needed for Life. This would prepare young professionals who meet challenges and achieve their full potential. 

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” 

Sherry Anderson

Moreover, the opportunities and advantages we gain through the IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka are also priceless. According to my opinion, it is like an internship given for young people to develop their soft skills as well as knowledge on their corresponding career paths. This explicates another point of view from the meaning of volunteering. It will master the professional soft skills of the youth such as communication, leadership, teamwork, punctuality.

Overall, it works as a confidence builder for young professionals. This also will give an immense opportunity to engage with well-experienced professionals.

If I join the “IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka”, I hope to accomplish many objectives that would strive towards my success in accordance with my future career path as an IT person.

The other major objective I hope to accomplish is to develop my skills. Going apart from the angle of view of the community towards a girl, develop very important soft skills needed to accomplish all my career goals making the success of my dreams is my major objective. 

I hope to face all the challenges and stand against all the barriers that would come with the supreme dedication I gained through the experience and skills developed from the precious platform: IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka.