INSL Stakeholder Briefing 2023

On July 17, 2023, one of the momentous events of the Innovation Nation Sri Lanka (INSL), INSL Stakeholder Briefing 2023 unfolded with the participation of the key stakeholders from past years and the executive committee. They all came together for a transformative Stakeholder Briefing to provide the stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the INSL 2023, its program flow and the timeline.

A remarkable gathering of esteemed companies was present at the Stakeholder Briefing, where key insights and updates were shared for mutual growth and collaboration. The event was orchestrated by a convergence of the leading entities: National Innovation Agency (NIA), Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), SLASSCOM, Ideamart, Careers360, Good Life X, Show & Tell, JohnkeellsX, Founder Institute, Wayamba Startup Hub and Sabaragamuwa Startup Hub.

Ms.Vindya Wijesinghe was present representing the National Innovation Agency (NIA), a company with a mission to foster a deeper comprehension of innovations across various sectors, including social, science and technology, defense, environment, and service. Ms. Ayami Wanasinghe and Mr.Sanju Peramuna represented The Founder Institute, a renowned global pre-seed startup accelerator that aids aspiring entrepreneurs. Mr.Uditha Bandara represented Sabaragamuwa Startup Hub, an innovative incubation center fostering entrepreneurship and supporting startups in the Sabaragamuwa province, Sri Lanka. Ms. Michelle Perera, Mr.Mosh Denesh, and Mr.Akeel Ahamed participated in the INSL Stakeholder briefing from ICTA (Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka), a government organization dedicated to promoting and developing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Sri Lanka.

Mr.Dushantha Ranawala participated from Dialog Axiata which is one of Sri Lanka’s leading telecommunications companies and Ms.Rochelle Gomez from SLASSCOM also participated in this event representing SLASSCOM which is a trade association representing the IT and BPM (Business Process Management) industry in Sri Lanka. Ms.Anjana Kulasekara represented Careers360, an educational platform offering career guidance and resources to students. Ms.Emma De Silva represented GoodLifeX while Mr. Mafaz represented Show and Tell, a company that focuses on promoting effective communication and storytelling skills. Ms.Mariam is associated with John Keells X, an innovation and startup accelerator program initiated by John Keells Holdings, a leading Sri Lankan conglomerate. Mr.Sanjeewa Pathirana affiliated with Wayamba Startup Hub which aims to nurture and empower startups in the region by providing mentorship, resources, and a supportive ecosystem for innovative ventures to thrive also joined the session.

The session commenced with INSL 2023 Chairperson, Aamir, providing a comprehensive introduction to the IEEE Sri Lanka section and the INSL initiative. Aamir highlighted the program’s remarkable accomplishments, including provincial competitions, action plans, and its alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He emphasized the profound impact of INSL’s predecessor, Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2022, in nurturing young talent and solidifying Sri Lanka’s position as a hub for technological advancements.

Engagement and collaboration were at the core of the meeting. Ms.Vindhya, representing the National Innovation Agency, offered insightful recommendations, advocating for the reference to the National Innovation Agency Act and the need for robust idea protection. Ms.Ayami from the Founder Institute sought clarity on program stages and revenue targets for startups, underlining the stakeholders’ keen interest in empowering aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dynamic organizations like John Keells, Dialog IdeaMart, and Slasscom showcased their commitment to supporting early-stage startups and fostering collaboration with INSL. Their willingness to offer mentoring, workshops, and platforms demonstrated the potential for fruitful partnerships to drive innovation. 

As the meeting concluded, Aamir expressed gratitude to all participants, underscoring the significance of open communication for exploring collaborative opportunities. The INSL 2023 Stakeholder Briefing successfully laid the foundation to find partnerships from the expected companies for the program by which we could make steady progress on our project and a remarkable success to the Innovation Nation Sri Lanka community. By leveraging the expertise and resources of stakeholders, INSL is poised to accelerate the nation’s growth, creating an ecosystem that nurtures creativity and empowers the next generation of innovators.

The INSL 2023 program is planned to be enriched by the invaluable involvement of stakeholders, which is offering a tapestry of benefits that elevate its significance and potential. Embracing their diverse perspectives and expertise, this collaboration fuels a torrent of innovative ideas, poised to carve a path towards groundbreaking solutions. Such stakeholder engagement becomes the lifeblood of the program, infusing it with essential resources – be it financial, intellectual, or strategic – to amplify its reach and efficacy manifold. By intertwining real-world needs and challenges with the program’s essence, this alliance ensures that its outcomes are meaningful and practically impactful. Moreover, stakeholders’ astute feedback and validation serve as a compass, expertly navigating the program’s initiatives and mitigating potential risks, thereby augmenting its chances of resounding success. As these luminaries join hands in harmony, a profound sense of shared ownership and commitment blossoms, laying a bedrock of unwavering dedication to the noble goals of INSL 2023. A testament to collective vision and perseverance, this dynamic partnership paves the way for a promising future of positive transformation and enduring growth and the future of innovation and entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka is bound to be brimming with possibilities.