Y2NPro’23: The Power of Joint Effort Realized

The Latest Initiative to Reawaken the Niche Technological Era

The engineering sectors have grown in the modern world due to technological developments and conceptual advancements. However, most amateur individuals and interns of various sectors seek more knowledge and experience in the specified job performance. To accommodate this, a well-structured techno program is needed to help budding engineers to become niche professionals. Y2NPro is conducting workshops and short courses to share expertise and knowledge among young professionals and gain experience with specialists.

According to the above needs, The Y2NPro is initiated by IEEE Young Professionals (YP) Sri Lanka that focuses on deep and niche technological learnings. It enables young industrial learners to enhance their knowledge and get more experience specializing in particular niche technologies by learning from experts in the industry. The program’s main stakeholders would include recent graduates, college students, academic professionals, and industrial specialists. The Y2NPro program offers young industrial learners a platform to advance their knowledge and gain additional experience focusing on specific niche technologies by studying under subject-matter specialists in the field. The emphasis is on young professionals who require more activity-based experience and time to absorb.


Project Values Paid Off on High Recognition

We are glad to report that the IEEE Y2NPro and EMBS Sri Lanka Chapter’s “It’s all about BME: workshop series on MRI” was recognized with the BEST TECHNICAL CHAPTER PROJECT AWARD at the IEEE Sri Lanka Section Awards 2022. Our profound appreciation to all of our industry partners, subject matter experts, and speakers who offered to enlighten this specialized community with their outstanding knowledge and expertise are extended to IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka for their assistance. Special thanks go to the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Sri Lanka Chapter for working with the IEEE Y2NPro team on this project. The former organizing committee’s whole membership and all supporters are also appreciated for their commitment and dedication to this achievement.

A glimpse of the winning workshop series | “It’s all about BME”

With inspiration from the project launch, “It’s All about BME” was the inaugural workshop series and a biomedical engineering workshop series conducted by the Y2NPro. It was directed at specialized experts in the field of biomedical engineering who targeted to expand their understanding and become experts. In the workshop series, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Biomedical Engineering was the key subject of discussion. Both the academic and practical facets of MRI were covered by the wide course material. Additionally, it made sure that the general knowledge required to advance from a beginner to an expert was delivered. A skilled and qualified group of professionals with experience in both academia and the biomedical engineering industry led these sessions. In order to maximize engagement, the audience range was limited.


Food Tech workshop series

The Cold Chain Application for Quality Management of Fresh Food Workshop Series is the latest initiative of Y2NPro which focuses on the niche area of Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Food Processing. It aims to deliver a thorough knowledge of the food production process and develop Cold Chain applications to sustain and control the quality of food. The workshops will be conducted in a hybrid mode with an expected participation of 30-50 participants. Objectives include exploring the various stages and types of Cold Chain processes to preserve the quality of fresh food, exploring industrial practices of Cold Chain processes for fresh food, and investigating the design principles of various Cold Chain processes. Beyond that we’re planning to deliver the (EDA workshop series) in collaboration with the IES Chapter which will be making use of data visualization techniques, to examine and analyze data sets and summarize their key properties and seek out broad trends in the data. These patterns include anomalies and potentially unexpected aspects of the data.Ham/Amateur Radio workshop in collaboration with Comsoc and RSSL. This endeavor leads to noncommercial two-way radio communications. Messages are sent either by voice or in International Morse Code. As well as we are focusing on coming up with Aviation related workshops with regard to Y2NPro’23 upcoming events schedule.

It is evident that the project continued to expand in the months that followed its inauguration in October 2021 and that it continues to exist today. A significant number of people took part in the project launch. All of the seats for the workshop series sessions quickly filled up with enthusiastic participants, a sign of the project’s success and on-time completion. Y2NPro is already planning the next, even better event after the end of each successful event in a short period of time.

Here we are engaged in “Young to Niche Professionals” (Y2NPro) of IEEE Young Professionals (YP) Sri Lanka and this project relies on significant technological expertise that is rarely touched upon in tech conferences. Each workshop or short course is designed for a specific group of people who are already working together professionally in related industries or who are considering a career in those fields. So we are thrilled for being a part of empowering and inspiring the next generation of professionals and we are immensely grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our Organizing Committee and the IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka and all the all supporters, It has been an honor to serve this community and make an impact in the tech industry. We will cherish the memories and the lessons we have learned. We hope to continue building a resilient and engaged community in the future.