IEEE Young Professionals (YP) Sri Lanka unveiled the transformative initiative Young to Niche Professional (Y2NPro) in 2021. Y2NPro aims to inspire, guide, and accelerate niche communities, enabling them to become experts in their specialized fields and transition into successful professionals in demanding technical sectors. This year’s lineup includes the Cold Chain Application for Quality Management of Fresh Food Workshop Series, EDA Workshop Series in collaboration with IES Chapter, a Ham/ Amateur Radio workshop with Comsoc and RSSL, and aviation-related workshops. These events promise unparalleled learning experiences, equipping participants with valuable insights and practical knowledge in their domains. Electronic Design Automation was decided as one of the selected areas since this will be the major support area that Y2NPro can add value to the participants. Below given survey is created to collect details with respect to the interests and requirements of the individuals who are currently engaged with or interested in the “Electronic Design Automation” field.

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