a new initiative by IEEE Young Professional Sri Lanka , aims to impart AI knowledge and to develop related practical skills of young Sri Lankan individuals with an analytical background and an interest in AI.

“AI-Driven Sri Lanka” visions to be the bridging gap between undergraduates and graduates to the AI Industry.

The initiative drives its mission breaking the program into components creating a funnel of education and awareness from grassroots levels.

Awareness Sessions

Focuses on spreading the words of possibilities of the Machine Learning and the impact of the AI Adoption.  This component is fulfilled through panel discussion, tech-talks and byte size videos.


Focuses on educating and training anyone interested in getting started in Artificial Intelligence and for anyone interested in upskilling in the fields. The component makes use of webinars, cohort based training building both theory and practical skills.


Focuses on disseminating content and place of inspiration for AI hobbyists and enthusiasts. On the progressive growth of the community, the goal is to inspire and build AI-enabled products through community driven initiatives.