Organizational Unit Improvement Fund
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What this is about? - Introduction

IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka (YPSL) has been one of the most active IEEE Affinity Groups over the past few years and has proven it with various global and regional recognitions. YPSL has recognized that there are various organizational units (OUs) under the IEEE Sri Lanka Section, which initiate impressive projects yet find it difficult to get the projects financed. LIFT- YP Sri Lanka Organizational Unit Improvement Fund is initiated by YPSL to facilitate the IEEE organizational unit projects which are meaningful and impactful.

Why do we do this? - Purpose

  • Global community building by Increasing the awareness of IEEE and Young Professional among the general public.
  • To build partnerships by elevating the standing of IEEE Young Professionals among the young professional demographic.
  • To award impactful events conducted by OUs.
  • To strengthen the relationship between Young Professionals and other IEEE OUs in Sri Lanka  and promote Young Professional membership 
  • To increase the quality of the OU’s event development.

Who can submit a proposal? - Eligibility

  • Any Organizational Unit under the IEEE Sri Lanka Section can apply. (Student Branch/Student Branch Chapter or Affinity Group/Sri Lanka Section Chapter or Affinity Group)
  • Every application (proposal and the budget) should have the consent of the  guarantors (Student Branch, Student Branch Chapters, and Affinity Groups – the Chair and a faculty member (preferred IEEE SB counselor) and Other OUs – OU Chair and the Treasurer).
  • An OU can use the fund only once per year.

How should I plan the project? - Guidelines

  • The project is preferred to be a collaboration between a Student Branch/Chapter/Affinity group and one or more external organizations.
  • IEEE Young Professionals must be recognized as a project partner and the Young Professionals logo must be used in promotional materials.
  • A complete proposal should be submitted with a proposed budget.

How will I be selected or rejected? - Judging criteria

  • Relevance to the purpose of the funding.
  • Relevance to the core values of IEEE.
  • The impact made by the project within the community.
  • Given requirements are met.
  • Eligibility criteria are met.

When can I submit the proposal? - Schedule

For the year 2022, funding will only be provided if the event lies on or before the 30th of January.

  • Proposals will be accepted from October 15th to November 15th.
  • Evaluation period: November 15th to November 25th.
  • Acceptance notification: November 25th to November 31st.
  • Deadline: Deadline to submit the reports for the events of 2022 will be January 31st.
  • The activity report and the expense report should be submitted within two weeks after the completion of the project.

How do I Submit a Proposal? - Procedure

Complete the given proposal template, obtain the required signatures, and submit them and other relevant information in the form.

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How can I get the funding? - Reimbursement

  • Up to 25,000 LKR will be provided depending on the availability of the funds.(50 – 75% of the total budget)
  • Upon completion of the project, a complete report should be submitted along with the expense report with bills approved by the OU’s applicable guarantors (Student Branch, Student Branch Chapters, and Affinity Groups – the Chair and a faculty member (preferred IEEE SB counselor) and Other OUs – OU Chair and the Treasurer).
  • Funding will be transferred to the OU’s bank account after the evaluation of the reports. 
  • No funding will be transferred to any individual’s personal account.

Deadline : 15, November 2022

Submit the report after two weeks from the completion of the project.

For inquiries, please contact

[email protected]

Warunika Hippola