StudPro report 2021

Sri Lankan Engineering/IT Degrees and Career Preferences of Graduates

IEEE YP Sri Lanka presents the report compiled based on responses collected through a survey conducted through the reach IEEE Sri Lanka student network. The objective was to understand the dynamics of the universities and undergraduates in respective to Engineering and IT fields. The deliverables presented in this report are pure to give insights and an understanding of the overall situation in Sri Lankan Universities.

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About StudPro

StudPro was initiated by IEEE Sri Lanka Young Professionals to bridge the gap between industry expectations and undergraduates/graduates seeking internship/job opportunities with a focus on the Electrical/Electronic Engineering and IT sector. StudPro provides a unique platform for undergraduates/graduates to interact with industry professionals and to receive career guidance and professional development programs.

What can you expect from StudPro Report 2021 ?

The report offers the reader insight into the dynamics of Sri Lankan universities concerning Engineering and IT degrees, as well as career preferences of graduates from the respective fields. This report would be a good tool for local industries looking at hiring from these fields in Sri Lanka

Objectives of this study are as follows:

• To quantify the Graduates arriving into the industrial sector each year concerning each specialization and fields

• To understand and create a timeline in university dynamics

• To identify the quantity of job requirement per year for each degree title

• To create a pool of information to connect the industry and university dynamics

This study addresses the following areas of interests:

• Degrees awarded by Sri Lankan Universities in Engineering and IT fields

• Quantity of Graduates reaching for the industry sector per degree title

• Department information per degree title

• Internship details per degree title

• Convocation details per degree title