standing committees


Establishment, management and maintainance of partnerships with industry and other entities.

Marketing & Communication ​

Maintaining the public visibility of YPSL and managing social media platforms and website.


Management of disbursement of funds of YPSL by adhering to the finance policies and sustaining the funds.

National Project Coordination

Coordination with National Projects and Sub Committees to make sure their progress are met

People Management

management of recruitment, resignation, and well being of volunteers within the committees

Member Benefits and Opportunities

Providing constant update to the volunteers on member benefits and opportunities available and create them

Volunteer Engagement

Initiate events and projects to benefit volunteers and engage volunteers in such activities

Volunteer Training and Development

Initiate training programs to volunteers on various aspects and support volunteer skill development through them

Diversity and Inclusion

Meet diversity and inclusion in YP projects and initiate activities to promote them

Platform Development/ Web

Overseeing the implementation and integration of selected technology into the platform or organization.

OU Support/ Collaboration

Provide support to uplift the events organized by local IEEE OUs and collaborate with local and international IEEE OUs to meet common goals.