LETs talk

IEEE YP LETs talk was initiated with aim of educating the young professionals about the timely and consequential matters in the world and making the young professionals knowledgeable not only on a particular field but also about latest topics, new technologies and trends in the world. It is a major issue in the Sri Lankan community that young professionals and undergraduates who will be professionals soon are very keen at their specific subject area or industrial field but does not have a good exposure to new trends and standards in the industry. Moreover, the hot technologies in the world take a considerable time to be absorbed by the young community. LETs Talk also aims to familiarize the latest trends and standards among the professionals in specific fields. In another view, LETs Talk gives the undergraduates a wider exposure to the industrial trends and helps to produce much skillful graduates from the universities.

Corona is Not the Only Virus

The second episode of LETs talk for year 2020, was...
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