SLInspire 2023: Beyond Barriers

We; the IEEE Sri Lanka Inspire (SLI) is a project launched by the IEEE SL section and Young Professionals Sri Lanka in collaboration with SL2 College, with the goal of empowering Sri Lankan students through education, guidance, and motivation. Access to quality education has long been recognized as a key driver of social and economic progress in Sri Lanka. However, for many young Sri Lankans, it remains a distant dream. SLInspire aims to change that by fostering a culture of collaboration among young people, educators, and industry professionals.

Our primary focus is on providing advice, knowledge, guidance, and motivation for students in the education sector to make informed decisions when moving toward higher education, thereby raising their chances of achieving a successful career path. The project aims to build a strong community among the student communities, especially those currently at their peak in school education, including those engaging with O/Ls and A/Ls, students who have been selected for universities, and all other educational strategies. SLInspire is committed to ensuring equal access to educational opportunities for their journey of higher education, making the educational system of the country more effective and efficient.

To achieve its vision, the SLInspire project launched a beta website, which features a comprehensive database of degree programs, higher national diplomas, and certification courses, serving as an authoritative source of information for Sri Lankan students. The database provides detailed information on the duration, field of study, syllabus, available opportunities, credentials, and enrollment types for each program, empowering students to make informed decisions about their educational paths. Additionally, the website offers extensive information about higher educational centers, including government and non-government universities, vocational institutes, and professional qualification supplier institutes, serving as a valuable resource for educators and industry professionals alike. In the upcoming months, SLI will be launching a fully updated website, offering even more features and information to support Sri Lankan students in their educational journeys.

In addition to online resources, the SLInspire project conducts extensive career guidance sessions in Sinhala and Tamil, aimed at educating students about potential career pathways, simplifying the process of finding information related to degrees and encouraging students to pursue STEM fields. The flagship initiative is the Career Compass Seminar series, which is conducted all around the country, covering all the rural areas where students are only aware of traditional career paths such as medicine, engineering, law, and arts. This initiative assists students in determining their skill sets, selecting the appropriate career route, and growing the confidence and motivation required to accomplish their objectives.

To further support students, the SLInspire project has developed the Career Compass book, which provides comprehensive information on degree programs and career paths for school students all over Sri Lanka. The book offers details on the newest trends and opportunities in numerous sectors and is intended to be a useful and approachable resource for students, instructors, and parents alike.

One of our major accomplishments last year was conducting physical seminars for over 600+ students all around the country, providing them with personalized guidance on potential career paths and the educational opportunities available to them. We were also able to reach students across the country through IEEE Education Week, which was a massive success and provided innovative experiences to students. This event allowed us to share knowledge and experience with a wider audience and connect with more students, educators, and industry professionals.

As our future plans, we will be launching a fully updated website with even more features and information to support Sri Lankan students in their educational journeys. We will also continue to conduct career guidance sessions and the Career Compass Seminar series, aimed at educating and guiding Sri Lankan students toward successful career paths. Furthermore, SLInspire plans to extend its reach to not only students but also teachers and parents, providing them with insights into how to guide students towards the right path and what’s best for them.

Ultimately, the IEEE SLInspire project is committed to empowering Sri Lankan students by providing them with the necessary knowledge, guidance, and motivation to pursue their educational and career goals. Through our website, career guidance sessions, seminars, and other resources, we aim to build a strong community of young people, educators, and industry professionals who are committed to advancing the educational system of the country. As we continue to expand our reach and enhance our offerings, we are excited to see the positive impact that our project will have on the lives of Sri Lankan students, both now and in the future.

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