Branding Yourself Session Series – StudPro 6.0

IEEEStudPro, hosted by the IEEE Young Professional Sri Lanka Section, is a platform that  provides undergraduate students and fresh graduates with the opportunity to connect with  reputable companies and establish valuable connections in the corporate world. The main focus of  this platform is to organize career fairs, creating an ideal environment for participants to explore  potential job and internship opportunities. Furthermore, attendees have the privilege of seeking  career advice and tips from industry experts. Over the years, StudPro has evolved by incorporating  new components into its scope, aiming to achieve greater heights and ensure maximum benefits  for its followers through dedicated efforts. The “Branding Yourself” session series assumes a  prominent position as the pioneering event of the year of the StudPro 6.0 program, signifying the  initiation of empowering undergraduate students and recent graduates with essential skills  imperative for pursuing lucrative career opportunities. Rooted in the profound significance of  personal branding, this comprehensive series of sessions delves into a diverse range of crucial  topics, aiming to foster a profound understanding of highly effective brand development strategies  tailored specifically to the dynamic and competitive job market. We are delighted to acknowledge  the successful completion of the three days of this transformative session series and the  remarkable impact and potential for transformation that this series holds for ambitious individuals  seeking to distinguish themselves and excel in their professional endeavors.

Session Introduction

1st day of the session series- “How to Brand Yourself and Maintain Your LinkedIn Profile”

On May 18th, the inaugural session of the “Branding Yourself” webinar series took place via  Zoom and was led by the esteemed Mr. Aishan Bamunawita, a seasoned professional in global talent.

The session proved to be an enlightening experience for attendees seeking to enhance  their personal brand and optimize their LinkedIn profiles. Mr. Bamunawita’s wealth of expertise  and his commitment to empowering individuals in their career journeys set the stage for an  engaging and insightful webinar. He is currently serving as the Lead Consultant at 99x, where he  is actively involved in expanding their talent base worldwide while offering valuable career  guidance. Mr. Bamunawita’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the recruitment  landscape make him an invaluable resource for undergraduates seeking to strengthen their  personal brands and optimize their LinkedIn profiles. 

The objective of this session is to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills required to brand  themselves effectively and maintain a powerful LinkedIn profile. In today’s competitive  professional landscape, it is crucial to establish a personal brand that sets you apart and effectively  showcases your skills, experience, and expertise. This session guided participants through the  process of crafting a compelling personal brand and optimizing LinkedIn presence to attract new  opportunities, build valuable connections, and achieve professional success.

Speaker of Day 1 of the session series

2nd day of the session series- “Crafting a CV to Get a Better  Job”

The second session of the webinar series was held on 20th May, featuring a compelling presentation by Mr. Niresh Samaranayake, the Head of People, Performance & Culture GSDC at CAMMS. This session focused on the essential elements of crafting a winning CV to launch a successful career.

Zoom served as the platform where attendees gathered, seeking valuable insights and practical tips from this esteemed industry expert. With his pivotal role in transforming companies through effective HR strategies and fostering high-performance cultures, Mr. Niresh Samaranayake’s extensive experience in human resources, talent management, and organizational development proved instrumental in the session’s success.

The session was designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to craft exceptional CVs that can make a lasting impression in today’s fiercely competitive job market. The session focused on several key objectives. It emphasized the importance of effective CV writing for securing better job opportunities in the competitive market, highlighting how a well-crafted CV can effectively communicate an individual’s skills, achievements, and career goals. Additionally, participants gained valuable insights into designing a powerful CV, including structuring, content selection, and formatting tips. They also learned strategies for optimizing their CVs to attract potential employers, such as creating compelling summaries and showcasing key achievements. Moreover, the session emphasized the importance of incorporating personal branding elements into both CVs, helping participants infuse their professional brand with authenticity and align it with their personal values.

Speaker of Day 2 of the session series

3rd day of the session series- “Creating a CV for Foreign  Country Jobs”

In the third session of the “Branding Yourself” webinar series, held on 27th May, attendees were  treated to a captivating presentation by Mr. Praneeth Peiris, Software Engineering Lead at  Trivago. As an exceptional speaker and industry expert, Mr. Peiris shared invaluable insights on  the art of tailoring one’s CV to different cultural norms and job expectations in foreign countries.  This session aimed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to create a  compelling CV that would stand out in the global job market. With an impressive background in  hiring talent across various countries, Mr. Peiris brought a wealth of knowledge to the session. His  experience navigating diverse job markets and understanding the intricacies of foreign hiring  practices made him the perfect speaker to guide participants in creating CVs that would resonate  with employers worldwide. 

The session commenced with a discussion on empowering attendees to create impactful CVs for  job applications in foreign countries. The key objectives focused on enhancing cultural awareness  and understanding the importance of adapting one’s CV to align with the values and professional  norms of the target country. Participants gained practical tips on tailoring their CVs to highlight  relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications specific to different job markets. The significance  of language choices, formatting, and utilizing industry-specific keywords were emphasized, along  with the need to showcase cultural agility, adaptability, and cross-cultural communication skills.  By effectively incorporating these strategies, job seekers can capture the attention of recruiters in  foreign countries.

In conclusion, the “Branding Yourself” session series organized by StudPro 6.0, has successfully  provided undergraduate students and fresh graduates with invaluable insights and skills essential  for thriving in the competitive job market. Through a diverse range of sessions, participants gained  a profound understanding of personal branding, LinkedIn profile optimization, crafting winning  CVs, and tailoring them for foreign job markets. The series has not only equipped participants  with the necessary tools for success but also fostered a global network and connection with  industry professionals. With the remarkable impact and potential for transformation demonstrated  throughout the sessions, the “Branding Yourself” session series has undoubtedly positioned itself  as a pivotal cornerstone in shaping the career paths of ambitious individuals.