LETs talk 2023 unveils its first talk series “Communicraft”

The very first talk session organized by IEEE YP LETs talk for the year 2023 was held on the 15th of June, 2023 from 6.00pm to 8.00pm via Zoom under the topic “Finding Your Professional Voice Confidence & Impact” as part of the talk series “Communicraft”.

“Communicraft” is an engaging online talk series dedicated to enhancing the professional communication skills of young professionals. Featuring expert speakers and interactive sessions, it provides a platform for individuals to learn and refine their abilities in various communication domains.

The series consists of 4 sessions targeting different aspects of professional communication skills including, confidence, presentation, negotiation and professional writing. The 4 episodes are; “Finding Your Professional Voice: Confidence & Impact”, “Pitch Game : Present your idea and grab your audience”, “Effective communication and negotiation” and finally “Professional Writing and successful presentation”.

The above-mentioned first session was conducted by Mrs. Nadeesha Fernando, who is a manager of HR at Virtusa. The session focused on empowering individuals to harness their true potential, communicate effectively, and make a lasting impression in their professional endeavours.

The event commenced with an exploration of the concept of learning. Participants discovered that learning goes beyond acquiring knowledge; it involves an ongoing process of personal growth, adaptation, and openness to new ideas. Communication was highlighted as a cornerstone of professional success. Attendees learned about the essential elements of effective communication, such as active listening, clear articulation, and empathy. Understanding the power of communication empowers professionals to connect, collaborate, and build strong relationships within their industries.

The speaker emphasized several qualities that define a true professional. These included integrity, a strong work ethic, continuous self-improvement, and a genuine passion for one’s field. Cultivating these qualities not only enhances credibility but also fosters trust and respect from colleagues and clients.

Attendees discovered the vital trait of accountability for professional growth, emphasizing how it builds trust, boosts credibility, and fosters responsibility in personal and team-based initiatives.The event also highlighted the significance of emotional intelligence in professional settings, exploring its impact on decision-making, teamwork, and navigating challenges. Developing emotional intelligence empowers professionals to connect authentically, resolve conflicts effectively, and foster a positive work environment.

The event highlighted the importance of assertiveness in professional interactions, showcasing how it enables individuals to express ideas, set boundaries, and negotiate effectively while maintaining respect. Developing assertiveness skills empowers professionals to confidently advocate for themselves and their ideas. Additionally, participants gained insights into recognizing red flags in professional settings, enabling them to identify toxic environments, unhealthy work dynamics, and unethical practices. This awareness empowers professionals to make informed career decisions and prioritize their well-being.

The event concluded with a discussion on the correlation between success and happiness. Attendees discovered that success is not solely defined by external achievements but also by a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and well-being. The event concluded with a Q&A session and a token of appreciation for the guest speaker. Furthermore, the session aired live on Zoom and Facebook.