The 12th Annual General Meeting of IEEE Young Professional Sri Lanka

The Annual General Meeting of the IEEE Sri Lanka Section was held on the 7th of February 2023, in a grand scale, and the new executive committee for the section was appointed. The event was lit up by a guest speech delivered by professor Janaka B. Ekanayake. In addition to that, the Awards Night was a spectacular segment which added more color to the event.

IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka, having secured several events of that evening, proudly concluded their term 2023/2023 by organizing their 12th Annual General Meeting which was held on 24th of February 2023, from 5.00 PM onwards at Mahaweli Center Auditorium.
The Annual General Meeting commenced with great enthusiasm, highlighted by an inspiring keynote speech from our esteemed Guest of Honor, Dr. Hasala Dharmawandana, Chair of the IEEE Young Professionals – MGA. Dr. Hasala shared invaluable insights drawn from his personal journey, empowering young individuals to actively engage as volunteers within the IEEE community. His words ignited a spark of motivation, fueling hope for a brighter future.

Following Dr. Hasala’s address, we were honored to have Dr. Buddhika Jayasekara, the Chief Guest, take the stage. Dr. Jayasekara emphasized the significance of fostering collaborations between different organizational units, highlighting the collective strength that can be achieved through working together.
The event then progressed with the outgoing President, Mr. Dhammika Marasinghe, extending a warm welcome to all participants and presenting a comprehensive activity report for the remarkable year of 2022. Mr. Dasun Herath provided a detailed overview of the minutes from the IEEE Young Professional Sri Lanka Annual General Meeting 2022, ensuring transparency and accountability. To further enhance our organizational framework, Ms. Warunika Hippola presented proposed constitutional amendments, signaling our commitment to progress and adaptation. Lastly, the much-anticipated moment arrived—the Election of the Executive Committee. Mr. Chandana Munasinghe, the Election Officer, announced the appointment of the dedicated officials who will lead us forward, embodying our shared vision and values.

The appointed members are,

  • Chair- Ms. Warunika Hippola
  • Vice Chair – Mr. Manodya Nabadawewa
  • Immediate Past Chair- Mr.Dhammika Marasinghe
  • Secretary – Ms. Tharaka Munasinghe
  • Treasurer – Mr. Samitha Wijesundera
  • Assistant Secretary – Mr. Mahsoom Raseen
  • Assistant treasurer – Ms. Nuwanthi Abeygunawardena
  • Editor- Ms. Gobiga Rajalingam
  • Committee members: 
    Mr. Vidura Bandara,
    Mr. Heshan Mallawarachchi,
    Ms. Thihara Mallikaratchy,
    Mr. Thimeth Deshanu Perera,
    Mr. Mohammed Jaseem,
    Ms. Michelle Perera

Then the newly appointed chair, Ms. Warunika Hippola, explained her vision for the coming year and opened the floor for discussion regarding new ideas or complaints that the audience had. After further discussions, the vote of thanks was given by the newly appointed Secretary, Ms. Tharaka Munasinghe.

The meeting was adjourned, opening a new avenue for the newly appointed Executive Committee to lead to a successful term ahead. With a sense of renewed energy and optimism, the Committee looks ahead to a future filled with collaborative achievements, growth, and the unwavering commitment of our exceptional team.