IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka by Chamathkara Yasisuru

Young professionals are the building blocks of a successful future. The IEEE Young professionals Sri Lanka was established in October 2011 to provide young professionals with a platform to showcase their talents and sharpen their skills. This is a platform where undergraduates to well-experienced professionals get together. Without any doubt, this will be a precious opportunity for the youth who hope to strive towards success in their very own career paths. 

I expect from an IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka, an opportunity for the youth who are seeking opportunities to develop their skills and showcase their talents. I expect a stage where very important soft skills are needed for a successful professional such as leadership, communication, teamwork, stress management, flexibility, attitude etc. As well as I expect a smooth networking opportunity with undergraduates of our same field as well as graduates and well-experienced professionals. This will give an immense impact on our careers. 

Recently, the UPSKILL SRI LANKA organized by the IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka is a very good example of this. It satisfied the real expectation of me from IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka. There we got an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion with well-experienced and recognized professionals in Sri Lanka in different career paths. The life experiences and advice they shared among us was very beneficial for our career as a professional as well as for our life as a human. And also the network session organized with regard to UPSKILL SRI LANKA was very much appreciated. Especially in a pandemic situation like this, the opportunity provided is so valuable. Through that network session, we learnt how to face sudden challenges by managing risks together as a team by making new friends. 

I expect the IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka would organize some more important events like UPSKILL SRI LANKA to guide and strive young professionals towards success in their career as outstanding professionals.   

I have some key objectives hoping to accomplish if I join the “IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka”. One of the major objectives is the networking opportunity with well-experienced professionals as well young professionals similar to us. This will be very beneficial for my career. This would accomplish my goal to be a successful IT person through career guidance and advice from life experiences offered by professionals in the community. And also by joining this I would get an immense opportunity to develop many skills that will be important in my career life as a professional. Especially communication skills, leadership skills as well teamwork by learning and teaching by maintaining mutual relationships among members and professionals will immensely impact my career. This will be a great experience for me before stepping into the industry. 

IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka is precious because it will give all the young professionals curious to be successful and curious about the success stories extensive career guidance along with numerous opportunities to develop and showcase their talents to the community.