IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka by Samadhi Anuththara

Introduction to IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka

IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka (YPSL) is an integral part of IEEE Sri Lanka section formed in October in 2011.It is a group where IEEE members and volunteers who have graduated from their first professional degree within the past 15 years gather. YPSL creates a home for all the enthusiasts to connect with peers while elevating their professional image, expanding their global network and giving back to the community.

The Vision of YPSL is to “be the leading professional organization for young professionals and industries in Sri Lanka”, which followed with their mission in “increasing the industry members’ involvement in the organization and enhancing recognition for the organization among the industries to attract and benefit fresh graduates”. And in order to succeed in YPSL has conducted many useful and informative sessions including UPSKILL Sri Lanka 2021 in collaboration with IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals which opened doors to improve soft skills and leadership qualities of young professionals all over the country, IEEE StudPro 4.0 – The career fair which enabled to meet fresh graduates and enthusiastic undergraduates from over 20+ universities and many more.

Expectations from IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka

IEEE YPSL is the best platform for fresh undergraduates to unleash their potential to cope with peer groups to get experiences as well the knowledge of working with global networks. The major expectation from YPSL is to open doors for new experiences and opportunities for them to walk through to gain professional experience in their field. The workshops and the sessions carried out via YPSL greatly matters in creating the mindset of young professionals to engage in the field of work. 

As a developing country, the experiences bestowed from experts and learnings gained through experiences can highly affect the future well being. As the demand and need of technological aspects goes higher day by day globally, practising young professionals to meet global standards is a must in order to overcome the challenges. Therefore a place like YPSL which can gather young fresh graduates and undergraduates all over the country can help in a greater scale to enhance the chances and the opportunities to empower young enthusiasts where later those can give those experiences back to the community when they become experts.

What I hope to accomplish if I join YPSL 

In my point of view, YPSL is the best place to develop professional qualities while training those in the meantime with different kinds of peer groups. If I could join YPSL I would like to experience working with YPSL  because the experience and knowledge we gain from such are immeasurable. Also I would like to share the knowledge and experiences with local peers.And furthermore I would like to open gates to the world to get to know the vibrant community of engineers,scientists and technical experts all over the world and also to expose my talent and gain professional experiences in the Computer Science field.

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