IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka by Pamudi Guruge

IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka was established in October 2011. Having a history of almost 10 years, this is an essential part of the IEEE Sri Lanka section. This group consists of IEEE members and volunteers who have graduated from their first professional degree within the past 15 years. IEEE Young Professionals is a global community of people who want to improve their professional image, grow their global network, interact with peers locally, and give back to their community. The group members are encompassed with recent university graduates and experienced professionals and entrepreneurs so, there is a high level of diversity.

What do I expect from IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka?

I expect it to abide by its vision and mission, word-to-word: “To be the leading professionals and industries in Sri Lanka” and to “Increase the industry members’ involvement in the organization and enhancing the recognition for the organization among the industries to attract and benefit fresh graduates”. We, as undergraduates expect to be unveiled into the world as fresh graduates in the coming future and receive an occupation that is best fitted to our qualifications and expectations. Therefore, I expect IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka to enable such things for the future generation. Because the upcoming world is in our hands.

What do I hope to accomplish if I join the “IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka”?

If I were to be a part of IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka, it would most definitely be a strong backup for my future, because we have a long way to go and I believe that this society shapes its members in every aspect possible for a better tomorrow. It also hosts many programs and workshops to aid the youngsters to carry on with their journey. As for me, I participated in “Upskill Sri Lanka 2021” which really is a great place to begin our professional values with the help of industry experts who’ve experienced them first hand. Moreover, IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka conducts a program called “StudPro Career Fair”, which has apparently commenced in 2017 and has been continuing since. It provides IEEE student members a strong platform to encourage student members to continue with their IEEE membership as Young Professionals by exposing their talent to the industry. Reading about the event a bit, I came across that undergraduates like us and also graduate job seekers are exposed to prospective employers. It in fact provides the perfect ground work for committed undergraduates and graduates to reach out to reputed companies in the country.

It is clearly evident that IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka contributes to the society greatly by providing opportunities to the young talents of Sri Lanka. Joining such an amazing group of people would be a major turning point in one’s life, as will be mine.

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